Workshop Soft Robotics

by Adriana Cabrera

Soft Robotics: Making Friendly Fashionable Robots!

We all assume that robots are sturdy appearing structures with stiff and bulky parts and that sometimes these can pose a risk if not adequately controlled. In comparison, soft robotics are structures created with flexible, body-friendly materials, usually controlled by air, that attempt to simulate the subtlety of the body's movements. Most applications of soft robotics are developed in the areas of medicine and food, and also in the exploration of extreme environments. Today this field is explored in fashion, design, and art as a source of inspiration. In this workshop, we will teach the basic principles of soft robotics, from the construction of a small inflatable to its electronic control. The goal is to understand how it works, how to make it with tools that are very easy to manipulate and have fun while making.

In the following Presentation you can find the presentation, what we did during these two days

we are Describing the following insights

  1. Driven shape-change interfacing by using surface construction
  2. Driven shape-change by Volumen construction Casting
  3. Control with paper electronics

In the following picture you can find the Schematic to print and make by yourself!
Follow the stripes and paste the copper tape in the paper, or use Conductive thread on textile, to make the circuit. Solder the connections for better results.
To keep the Playground circuit clean, you can attach the connections with conductive threads the Electronic components of your soft Robot

First Day

3D and electronics

some Impresions

Talk by Ilaria La Manna

Biomaterials: From Nano Structures to macro Structures

Thanks for The support of Qbic FabLab, Qatar Development Bank Qdb y Qatar Bussines Incubation Center to initiate this enriching cultural Experience
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