Fabrication for Care

Interdisciplinary Project Winter Semester 2018/2019
Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences FabLab Kamp-Lintfort
by Adriana Cabrera, Prof. Karsten Nebe, Prof. William Megill
Faculty Enviroment and Energy / Faculty Technology and Bionics

About this course

'Fabrication for Care focuses on the development of new technologies applied in surfaces and material prototyping, in their broad range of applications, from the textile industry, material sustainable production and the wearable assistive devices market.This program is calling for applicants interested in the human-centred approach, interrogating the role of digital fabrication in the society and the new era of digital craftsmanship.We will focus on the development of wearable devices for people with disabilities.
We want to address the challenges, people with disabilities are facing day to day. We will apply an approach to personal fabrication for well-being, promoting the use of sustainable tools, technologies for development and participatory design.
We will work in close collaboration with experts in this field. Two local companies, one working in the field of Orthopedics and one, working in the textile industry will advise us in finding appropriate use cases and support us in the process of prototyping.
Care has begun to be used as an alternative design lens, moving beyond health care or social care to consider care as a fundamental relational quality of life. This IP aims to bring together a diverse group of students to work toward a shared understanding of disabilities and interdependence can be supported through design approaches and new approaches to digital fabrication. The initial goal is to raise issues and highlight sensitivities towards care, with the ultimate aim of impacting design practices. Participants will generate

Topics to cover:

  1. Docummentation and Git
  2. Visit Hodey and HTML
  3. Visit Bache Innovative and Modelling
  4. Visit 3D Printing 3D Scanning
  5. Break funny Embroidery
  6. From 3d to 2D pattern making, Exactflat
  7. Laser Cutting Patterns
  8. Presentation Diakonie Botrop Guidelines Final Project
  9. Knitting and Soft sensors Soft and hard Connections
  10. Soft Robotics
  11. Actuators Final Project definition
  12. Middle presentation final Projects
  13. Final Projects
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